About Us

GreenTree Acquisitions Inc. is a leading national intermediary helping business owners of small, privately held companies develop and execute a successful and rewarding exit strategy for their businesses. Our founders recognized a void in the services available to this segment of the market. We found there are thousands of local businesses in every state that will never receive the professional guidance and tools necessary to sell their business at a fair market value.

Buyers in this marketplace are not the problem. Through our channels, GreenTree Acquisitions Inc. has access to thousands of potential buyers on a monthly basis. We operate in a marketplace that can usually provide multiple buyers for a qualified business being sold.

Typically our clients have invested much of their life’s work and have the majority of their net worth invested in their companies. They are understandably concerned about being in "unchartered waters" when it comes to the business sale process, especially given the likelihood that most acquirers are highly experienced in the acquisition process. We work closely with our business owner clients to orchestrate the entire business sale process from inception to completion, helping to maximize value, protect confidentiality, and exit successfully.

The sale of a business is a once in a lifetime endeavor with major financial ramifications. As a business owner, you cannot afford to experience a learning curve with so much at stake. GreenTree Acquisitions Inc. paves the way for entrepreneurs to go through this life changing process to achieve a rewarding conclusion.

GreenTree Acquisitions Inc. team of experienced professionals provides clients dedicated attention and commitment throughout every aspect of a transaction, regardless of size. Our firm is extremely well versed in the small to mid-market acquisitions industry. We are dedicated to meeting our clients' objectives and desired outcomes for both a transaction and longterm prosperity. GreenTree's team does not consider a transaction a success unless we exceed the expectations of our clients.

GreenTree Acquisitions Inc. engages in extensive due diligence and financial analysis on the front end of an engagement to ensure the optimal strategy for each client. This is the catalyst driving our success. The selling process is custom tailored and designed for each client to consider value, minimize disruption, preserve confidentiality, and ultimately achieve owner objectives.

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