Can Your Business Be Sold?

Too many owners assume they won’t find a buyer; therefore, they automatically default to ending their businesses through a liquidation. But while liquidating allows you to recapture the value of the physical or tangible assets of your business – often at firesale rates – it gives you nothing for the value of your business as a going concern. GreenTree Acquisitions Inc. thrives in the heart of the small to mid-market mergers and acquisitions industry. We know where the buyers are and how to bring them to you. In most cases, GreenTree can provide several buyers for a business, but our primary goal is to link you with the one that wants your exact type of business, in your exact geographical area, and allows your defined exit strategy needs to be met. When you sell rather than liquidate your business, a buyer pays to acquire not only the physical assets of your business – the assets listed on your balance sheet, but also to acquire the goodwill of your business, including the worth of such intangible assets as your business name, reputation, clientele, systems, and marketplace advantage.

The only way to harvest the value of business goodwill is through a business sale. So the decision to sell rather than to liquidate rests on a determination of whether the goodwill of your business – the value of your business beyond its physical assets – is of high enough value to attract the interest and prompt the purchase decision of a buyer. GreenTree Acquisitions Inc. Sr. Business Analyst will assist you in defining the true value of the business along with the right ROI (Return On Investment) numbers to capture the interest of a qualified buyer. The primary goal of GreenTree Acquisitions Inc. is to find, select, and reccomend viable businesses to connect with qualified buyers. All signs say the current market is truly a seller's market, by the end of an initial meeting with GreenTree Acquisitions Inc., you will know if we can recommend your business to a potential buyer.

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