High-Profit Gastroenterology/Internal Medicine Practice
High-Profit Gastroenterology/Internal Medicine Practice
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High-Profit Gastroenterology/Internal Medicine Practice

Business Summary

For 35 years, this doctor's office has provided superior medical services in gastroenterology and internal medicine to patients in Houston, Texas. Expertly located in the Texas Medical Center area, this doctor's office provides patients with the convenience of having endoscopy procedures done in-office. The medical practice has state of the art equipment in the procedure rooms, including a gastroscope that was purchased in 2016, and two colonoscopes that are less than 3 years old.

The business has a name that is well-known and highly respected in the market area and business arena, and has a large roster of longstanding and loyal clientele.

Facilities / Terms of lease

The modern facility that houses this business is a 2,754 square foot professional medical office space in Houston, Texas. The facility includes 4 exam rooms, 2 procedure rooms (equipped with a brand new gastroscope and 2 colonoscopes), a lab lounge, a private doctor's office, 2 offices for filing and medical records, a reception and waiting area, 3 public restrooms, and 1 private restroom in the doctor's private office. There is ample parking in a parking garage and on the street. The building is currently on a 5-year renewable lease that expires in 2018.


This business has experienced consistent increases in both sales revenue and profits since it was established, and the assets of the business far exceed its liabilities. The service delivery process is one that a new owner can very easily adopt and carry on. To increase top and bottom line profits, the business owner suggests implementing an electronic health system to take care of billing on site, rather than paying a 3rd party company to do so. Establishing a website to expand the online presence of the business could also easily generate new business.


This business has an excellent location in the Texas Medical Center area, close to the Park Plaza Hospital. This business is set apart from its competition because the doctor's office offers Upper and Lower Endoscopies in the office rather than sending patients to a hospital or outpatient center. This allows the business to contract work with patients who don't wish to have anesthesia, or patients who wish to pay cash.

Reason for Selling



Currently, the business has 5 active full-time employees and 2 contracted employees, including a GI Technician, a Medical Doctor, and 4 medical assistants. The business has staff and management in place to help a new owner successfully manage the transition, and can provide continuity after the owner's departure that clients know and trust. The business owner is willing to stay for a 3-12 month post-sale transition period, and wishes to remain involved full-time with the business either as an employee or partner.


Excellent Branding, a Fantastic Location, and 35 Years in Business make this an extremely profitable endeavor for any interested acquirer!

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