Well Know Gas and Food Station
Well Know Gas and Food Station
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    Gas and Food
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Well Know Gas and Food Station

Business Summary

We are located on the north entrance of our community, six blocks south of the University of Mount Union.

Main Street Marathon is a family owned and operated convenience store/gas station located in Alliance, OH. Our number one priority is to provide lasting relationships with our customers so that we can fulfill all of their on-the-go needs. Although we’ve grown like crazy over the years, our focus stays fixed on making life easier for our customers.

Beginning/History: Main Street Marathon was established in 1992 and still continues to provide excellent customer care to thousands of customers after 25 years in business. The company started out as a 3-bay mechanic shop. Throughout these years, we have expanded four times to the now convenience store/gas station. In 1998, the mechanic shop was closed and an open-air drive thru was installed on the north side of the building to meet the ever-demanding needs of our customers. We have invested in technology that helps streamline operations and manage our inventory so that we can stock our shelves with what sells best in our neighborhood. A state of the art security system was installed to ensure public safety and peace of mind. We strive to keep the company updated with the newest technologies to ensure a high rate of electrical efficiency. All new LED lights were installed in 2016-2017. New dispensers, pumps, and curbing islands were installed in 2015.

Facilities / Terms of lease

Additional Asset: The adjacent property to the North with an address of 36 North Union Ave. will be included with the sale. The property is 60’ wide and 176’ deep and includes a 1120 square foot building. The building includes office space, shop space and storage. Could be used as an additional retail store or added retail square footage to existing business. This property includes vending machines, linked phone system and a linked HD security system. The profit of the vending machines alone offset all utility bills. This property also includes three asymmetrical car lifts.


Growth: The potential for growth in our area is tremendous. The possibilities are endless for the empty lot behind the store. As mentioned above, a few local gas stations and major grocery store closed their doors. This occurrence left all of the south side residents without a place to go within walking distance. In the future, we would like to accommodate our customers with more variety to meet their needs. We currently have the room to expand and merge with a major fast food chain or add on to the convenience store to bring in more product. Whether it’s investing in the newest equipment, remodeling stores or installing eco-friendly LED lighting in stores – we’re all about innovations that impact the success of our business. We would love to upgrade our Inventory management, invoice payments, payroll processing – so it’s all fully automated so we can spend more time up front, taking care of customers.

Additional Asset: The adjacent property to the North with an address of 36 No


Competitive: We compete with several other gas stations in the area. Our sales have grown exponentially in this time and we continue to accommodate our existing and new customers. We strive to keep our pricing the lowest possible by state mandated laws. The geographic areas in which we operate are highly competitive and marked by ease of entry and constant change in the number and type of retailers offering products and services of the type we sell in our store. We compete with other convenience store chains, independently owned convenience stores, drugstores, discount stores, dollar stores, club stores and mass merchants.

Reason for Selling



4 full time employees and 4 part time employees


This is a Well Know Gas and Food Station

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